Ganesha is the beloved elephant-headed god, renowned for removing obstacles and opening doors to prosperity and abundance. Allow this positive energy to help you reach higher consciousness, achieve new goals and gain courage to take on new challenges on your journey of transformation.
Print designed by NoMiNoU, featuring art by Shabeena Helsley.

Mid to High waistband for comfort and proper fit and reinforced stitching for durability. A ChitoSanté finish is applied for a natural wicking and anti-bacterial element and also to add a soft hand to the fabric. ChitoSanté is a new environmentally friendly treatment made from post consumption shrimp and crab shells (EPA Certified).

Fabric content: 88% recycled polyester, 12% spandex. Recycled polyester (PET) is 100% post-consumer recycled raw material. Made from recycled water bottles.

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